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Industrial Safety and Health Consultative Conference

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At 6:00 PM on October 21, 2016, The 20th Industrial Safety and Health Consultative Conference was held.

Mr. Daisuke Inagawa, the President and Representative Director of Momohashi Toso Painting Company, deliverd the opening address and then opened the conference. The President's Award was presented to Seigo Kimura and Misa Taneichi, and the Safety Cooperation Award went to Michinoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Kitanihon Kankogyo Co., Ltd.

Welcoming Shinobu Aota, Health and Exercise Trainer of Michinoku Bank Co., Ltd. as the lecturer, we experienced easy exercises that perform in the daily life with all attendees.

Ms. Aota belonged to Team Aomori as a player of women's curling so that her coaching was splendid and we enjoyed the exercise.

33 associated companies took part in this Grand Celebration with 81 attendees, including company staff members.