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hanada_photo.jpgMessage from the President

Suzuki Kensetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. founded

by the first president, Mr. Kenichi

Suzuki in 1968, and has engaged in

construction work at Misawa Air Base,


Half of century-old since the initiation,

with the motto of "Trust", we have aimed to be a company as a General Contractor.

Our employees have persevered their efforts

pursuant to our Management Principles that

contribute one's effort for the rich development of the local community.

In doing so, we have been proven and trusted internationally.

This is all because your kind guidance and encouragement.

We will continuously aim to be a company that can be continued and developed for 100 years anniversary.

For this achivement, we will strive to become a 21st century company with keeping the will of the first president,

applying our skills and know-how accumulated,

and developing a environment that nurtures intelligence and creativety.

We will be appreciate your continued support in the future.

Hitoshi Hanada, President