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privacy policy

The privacy policy of Suzuki Kensetsu Kogyo co., Ltd. is based on the followings:

■ Personal information means name, sex, date of birth, address, telephone number, mail address, etc. received from the visitor, information to identify client, or information possessed by a client through clients, website operated by Suzuki Kensetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. and other sources.

1.Utilization Purpose and Collection of Personal Information
Information entered by a customer is utilized for the following purposes, and is not utilized for any purposes other than listed purposes.
  1. In order to perform service tasks in various events, various classrooms, a seminar, etc. which our company manages.
  2. In order to perform publicity work through direct mails and E-mail (including a mail magazines) etc. for notifying our various events, the opening various classrooms, and guidance of seminar etc.
  3. In order to improve our service to our customers by conducting customer trend analysis, new development for service, investigation analysis for improvement.
  4. There are cases where we send direct mails with carefully screened information of our business partners.
In any case, after clarifying the reason of necessity for personal information, we request customers to furnish us with customer's personal information.
Although such personal information is collected only when agreeing for the above-mentioned purposes, when a customer does not wish to offer personal information, a customer can refuse this offering by a customer's own judgment.
However, there is a case where a customer cannot utilize all of the service contents that our company offers.
2. Provision to Third Parties and Secondary Use
Personal information offered from a customer to our company will not be disclosed to third parties other than our consignees, business partners and our entities succeeding our business, except cases where there are fair and reasonable reasons.
When our company provides a third party with the personal information offered from a customer, we promote the preventive measures against the disclosure from and re-offer by the third party, etc. by confidentiality agreement (non-disclosure agreement) by a contract, etc.
When it is urgent for human life and human right to be protected, and when it is required to comply with the request for cooperation based on the statute by public institutions, such as the judicial organizations and the police and other laws and regulations, information may be disclosed without previous notice to a customer.
3.Custody and Administration
While our company observes the norm of statute and others about handling of the personal information which the customer offered,
"Private-Information-Protection Administrator" is assigned and appropriate data management is conducted.
Moreover, the severe security countermeasures are implemented by setting up "Personal Information Protection Regulations "to prevent customer's personal information from occurring losses, alterations, and information leakage.
If we entrust an individual or an entity with the handling of any personal information from a customer, we will exercise necessary and appropriate supervision and administration over such individual or entity to ensure the security of such personal information.
4.Maintenance and Update of Information
Our company, when requested from the person himself/herself, discloses the contents of registration information.
Moreover, personal information offered from a customer is maintained and administered as correctly as possible with most updated contents.
For that reason, addition, change, correction, deletion, etc. for registration information from the person himself/herself is requested; after verifying the identity of the person, addition, change, correction, deletion, etc. for registration information is performed as promptly as possible.
However, among registered personal information, in case where there are changes to the information, such as names of cities, towns and villages etc., postal code number, and a long-distance number, others that impede seriously for contacting and invoicing, we occasionally conduct changes and renewal to check their registration details.
5.Use of Website, and Responsibility of Customer
On the website which our company administers, only when serving the purpose of above-mentioned use based on customer's consent, personal information will be collected.
On the contents of website, IP address and cookie information.etc. of a customer are likely to be received from a customer's browse automatically and to be registered to a server.
We would like to make the most of this information for a customer to utilize our website more conveniently and comfortably.
Utilization of the website administered by us and the site of link destination shall be performed on the customer's responsibility.
We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from the use of various information secured by utilization of personal information from a customer.
5.Inquiry Counter about Personal Information
Counters to accept various inquiries for handling customer's personal information are as follows:
■Inquiry Contact:Suzuki Kensetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. POC for accepting personal information
■Address:31-2201, 3-chome, Shin-cho, Misawa-shi Aomori-ken, Japan 033-0062
■Contact:TEL 0176-53-3078  FAX 0176-53-9800  E-mail
■ Reception Hours: Weekday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
※Suzuki Kensetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. shall appropriately review and make necessary revisions for policies listed above.
※ Suzuki Kensetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. is to be kept abreast of revisions which are made from time to time.