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Business Outline

Total construction industry, relating to: Public Sector construction, Private Sector construction, and Civil Engineering work.

  1. Contracting for civil engineering, building, and other general construction work
  2. Field Research and preliminary surveys, planning, diagnosis, additional surveying, design, supervision and total management concerning construction work
  3. Research, planning, design, supervision and total management concerning urban development, regional development, resource and energy development, environmental improvements and so on
  4. Buying and selling, leasing, brokerage of real estate and appraisal and management of real estate.
  5. Design, work execution, sale, lease, renovation of private houses and residential complexes and the development and sale of land and then the management of that property.
  6. Landscaping, gardening and tree planting and other type of greenery business
  7. Design, fabrication, sale, lease and brokerage services for construction equipment and materials, such as facilities and machinery, furniture, interior decorations and related items.
  8. Design, construction, retention, maintenance management and operation of public facilities such as roads, rivers, ports and harbors, water and sewage systems, government buildings, educational and cultural facilities, medical and elderly care facilities, social welfare facilities and parking lots
  9. Services related to the collection, transport, processing and recycling of general waste, industrial waste and construction by-products, and soil improvement and so on
  10. Maintenance management and security guards as well as cleaning services for buildings and facilities
  11. Service center for the collection, processing and provision of various information
  12. Retention and management of various facilities for welfare, medical care, education and training, commerce and sports and leisure, as well as hotels and eating and drinking establishments
  13. Sale and manufacturing of medical equipment and health care equipment, the management of facilities with the use of pertinent medical and health care equipment and related business services
  14. Consulting services pursuant to any of the above items.
  15. Any business activities related or associated with the above items